Ha Ha Ha! Why hello there fellow Jade Fanatics! It’s me, the Buddha! I welcome you to our humble Jade Store!

What an entrance! Thanks there, Buddha! He always says the nicest things. The guy is so humble I just needed to make a post about him.

Believe it or not this handsome fella was made out of a glacier rock. In jade terms, glacier rock means big boulders that have been carried over by glaciers. Sometimes you can find these guys sitting in fields on mountain tops or chillin’ alongside the river. I believe the backstory to this Buddha is he was originally found by the riverside.

Okay, so he was found along the river. But the thing is, this guy weighs about 500 pounds. Yep. 500! I still wonder to this day how they managed to get him out of the river and onto the carving block. When the Buddha graced the store with his presence it took about 6 guys to bring him in. I wasn’t working that day, but I sure wish I were so I could witness that event!

The Buddha is a pretty big symbol in the world, so most people know who he is. Usually he’s a representation of good luck, which is one of the symbols, but really this guy is the deity of Buddhism, meaning looking at the Buddha should remind you to do good things to others. Buddhism is a massive religion with many many different branches and practices depending on which country or region you live in. Talk about interesting!

Some customers come in and ask me: is this Hotei? You betcha! Hotei is the official name for the laughing Buddha, which was actually a mix of the original Buddha and one of the 7 Japanese gods of luck. He also usually carries a small cloth sack, which is believed to carry from a range of candy for children or the woes of the world (Candy = the root of all sadness?). I wonder if that’s why I feel sad after eating candy. Maybe its the gritty feeling it gives my teeth, or the guilt of consuming nothing but sugar. I’ll leave that open for interpretation.

If you’d ever be interested in our jolly fellow, feel free to contact us and select “I have a question about a product” ! Act quickly, because rumors have it that this guy was about to get sold off and donated to a temple! No word from them yet, so you might be in the clear. If not, be sure to come into our store and touch him! It might just be your lucky day.

Well Jade Fanatics, on behalf of us at the Jade Store and Buddha, see you next time! Peace be with you!

Rub the head for wisdom!

Rub the belly for luck!

Give it up y’all for our in-store hand model, Sarah!