Sammy says: Don’t mind me, I’m just splashing by! eaehehaehaaa!

Snarky Says: “Quiet Sammy, you’re going to blow our cover you blithering idiot!”

Alright that does it, who let Snarky out?

Sorry about that Jade Fanatics, that darn dolphin and his brother keep escaping from us!

Recently we’ve been trying a crack at our “Jade Aquarium Project” and so far it’s a bit of a bust. The dolphins keep escaping and begin demanding world domination and that we become their slaves or something. Can you believe it? Out of all creatures, it just had to be the dolphins. Anyway, despite the cold weather, here’s a dolphin pendant!

Now I bet you are all thinking: “Why on earth are you (me) writing about dolphins when it’s mid November and my buns are freezing off faster than my turkey cooking in the oven!” It’s a pretty common thought these days, because no one has the time to think about dolphins during the cold and blistery winter season. Well, the dolphins heard about this outrageous fact and trust me they are NOT happy. During one of their total-control domination tactics, I managed to escape, begging them for a way I could possibly make it out alive without harm. The dolphins submitted me into their ranks and ordered me to write an exclusive showcase on our dolphin showcase, and especially highlighting their leader, the jade dolphin pendant, otherwise known as Snarky.

Snarky, a beautiful dolphin pendant is made from gorgeous A grade jade, making him an obvious contender as a leader vs. brawny carvings or his army of dolphin charms. The dolphin pendant stands alone, giving the wearer supreme power (we have no legal responsibility if power does not come instantaneously) and great elegance! For the ultimate dolphin lover, you are their friend. Do not worry! I spoke with a grand general, Snarky’s brother Sammy, and he claims a dolphin lover is a mere ally rather than foe. Snarky is very willing to protect his owner, making him an excellent compliment to your daily jewelry wear.

Dolphins as you may know are very intelligent creatures, and actually represent a numerous amount of things. A big one is renewal, dolphins accept change with open … fins… and are willing to help one go through difficult change. Dolphins pass through dangerous waters bravely and with extreme confidence, and they are willing to share this bravery and confidence. Dolphins love boosting self-confidence, helping you believe the ever true “nothing is impossible”. I mean if dolphins are confident enough to try to take over the world, your only option is simply to trust them on this one. After all they are geniuses.

To bring Snarky home as your ultimate protector, you can find him over here. If you liked his brother Sammy, you can also find him in his sector (there’s also a younger, smaller brother Carmichael, but he’s kinda shy. To be his friend, find him here.). If you are interested in taking home a piece of the dolphin charmy (get it? charm? army? I need some sleep.) get a hold of them right here.

Alright Jade Fanatics, that would be all for now! From the Snarky Family and all of us at the Jade Store, bundle up and have a lovely day. Until Next time!