If you have any questions about Jade itself, please see our Jade Education page.
Please visit our Shipping Information page for details about how we send your purchases.

Are These Products Regulated Or Restricted?

While the importing and exporting of some types of Jade are restricted (jadeite from Burma, for example), BC nephrite Jade is not.

Do You Do Custom Orders?

We will consider any custom order enquiries, and can give an approximate price quote upon request. Please visit our contact page to enquire.

Do You Offer Wholesale Prices To Retailers?

We do offer special wholesale prices to other retailers looking to carry our products. Please visit our contact page to inquire.

The product description says 1.5 inches, but the “Additional Information” tab says 3 inches. Why is that?

The dimensions in the “Additional Information” tab on each product are the dimensions including packaging, to allow our site to accurately charge for shipping. For the actual size of the item, please go by the measurement listed in the “Description” section.

What Taxes Do I Pay?

If you’re outside Canada, you won’t be charged any sales tax. However, there may be import duties that your own country charges to be paid when your purchase arrives. These are usually at the discretion of the customs agent dealing with your purchase, so we’re unable to say for certain what they will be, but are usually 10% at the most.
If you’re inside British Columbia, you will be charged 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) and 7% PST (Provincial Sales Tax).
If you’re located in a Canadian province that has HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) then you will be charged your province’s HST rate.
If you are shipping to a non-HST province then you will only be charged 5% GST.