Healing Properties of Jade

Jade is a green crystal that has been used by Asian cultures for centuries to promote harmony between the body, mind, and spirit. Ancient Chinese civilization would carve statues out of jade and adorn themselves in jewellery made of the stone to attract prosperity into their lives. Its vibrant green is considered a symbol of vitality and growth, which is why so many people carry a piece of jade with them everywhere. Here is an in-depth look at jade’s healing properties:


In the midst of a storm, jade is calming by bringing balance back to tour nerves and soothing your cardiac rhythm. Keeping a piece of jade around your neck as a pendant or in your pocket to rub sometimes can re-energize you and guard against illness. It can ease the fear or shock in young and elderly people feel while being cared for in a hospital or away from their family.


Jade can help people remain individual by not being so easily persuaded by others. It can make you feel confident in yourself so that you do not feel guilty about standing up for your beliefs. You do not have to worry about getting sucked in by a sales pitch or a deal that is too good to be true.


This stone can help prevent illness while you are away on vacation. It protects your kids and pets from straying while you are travelling. Jade energizes your body so you can fully enjoy gardening, hiking, and relaxing outdoors.


Jade is considered the crystal of love as it supports new relationships and increases fidelity and honesty. It can even inspire love later on in life.


As a support stone, jade is especially helpful for doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other healers. It betters their diagnostic skills and focus. Jade is also an ideal support stone for educators and military personnel. It can renew faith in your abilities and help you perform better on the job.


Jade is regarded as a stone that can offer protection against negative energy and intentions. It signifies peace through strength and is helpful in intimidating environments.

Jade is a powerful healing stone that can enhance your body physically and mentally. It has therapeutic properties that can be used in a variety of situations. This crystal releases negative energy from your body and can soothe your mind.

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