Heya Jade Fanatics, I hope you’ve been having a wonderful winter/spring! Here at the Jade Store things have been picking up considerably. Cruise ship season is just around the corner and we just lost a staff member to Europe! How ever will we manage you ask? Well, I’m not sure either. When it gets slow here, life gets real bleak. The skies are grey and the days are shorter and shorter…. until wonderful spring arrives! Yay! Customers! Anyways, here’s “It’s Been a While and I’m Sorry!”

Alright y’all, you’re probably wondering why this spear thing is in this blog post. Well that’s because the jade on it is SO AMAZING I just had to do something about it. The Taiaha was the Maori people’s #1 go-to weapon, and the chiefs had good taste. Jade is a sacred stone to the Maori, New Zealand’s aboriginals, and only the Maori in New Zealand can extract Jade… which is why a lot of the time we export some of our jade to New Zealand! It’s such a hot commodity down there yet limited in resource. Anyways, correct me if I’m wrong, but I had a fellow come in from New Zealand and he told us only the chiefs got to have Jade in their Taiaha. Which makes sense! If I was the chief of anywhere you bet I’d have Jade on my #1 weapon.

The craziest part about this specific Taiaha is the quality. It’s a giant piece of at least AA grade jade. When you shine a flashlight on it… BLAM! You get blinded by all it’s translucent-ness. It really is worth it and you can find it here if you are interested! Not only does it have this really cool jade piece but it also has little paua shell discs at the top, making the spear look like they have little eyes… really cool iridescent squiggly eyes..(?) They just look awesome alright! Paua shell, if you don’t know, is a type of abalone shell that is native to only Australia/New Zealand/Oceania area. Now that you know that… doesn’t it make it extra cool!?

Well, that’s it for now, Jade Fanatics! I hope you enjoyed today’s featured product. Stay tuned to hopefully more frequent posts in the future!