Alright Jade Fanatics, time to swoon over some celebrities, because we’re gonna talk about one of the most famous Jade Carvers of all time, Lyle Sopel.

Mr. Sopel is so well known, I have people coming in every day asking for his work. I wish we had more of his work, but unfortunately we only have the one piece. (To be honest, we actually sold his other pieces already) But! It’s probably one of the coolest ones he has for this size, so before you give up on me and close this window, check out: Strawberry Pursuit.

First things first, if you don’t know who Lyle Sopel is, here’s a little background on him. His studio is based off in White Rock, British Columbia, which is right across the water from us in Victoria and just above the USA border. Mr. Sopel has billionaires, elite members of society and even royalty seeking his works. He is THAT good! On his website, it even mentions that 41st president Bush (of the United States) owns one of his pieces. The guy even has a picture with Oprah! Easy to say he’s a celebrity among celebrities. According to my boss, he’s a real nice guy too. Lyle shows up to BC Jade Day (May 28th) in Vancouver every year to showcase some of his art.

Now! Without further ado, Strawberry Pursuit! This little guy is a little bit smaller than a standard dinner plate (height and length wise anyways) and weighs a little less than a bowling ball. It looks nothing like either of those objects, but just to give you an idea of the size, these felt ideal.

The bird featured on this piece is a Steller’s Jay, which is the provincial bird of British Columbia. Of course, made out of BC Jade to match. The little berries are made out of Rhodonite, which is like another beautiful stone found in BC. This little birdy is perched on a piece of petrified wood.

Luckily enough we have this guy for sale right here in our sweet store! To be honest if we sold this guy I would be sad to see him go. He’s probably one of my most favourite pieces in the store. Needless to say I’m saving my dimes. Anyways see ya next time Jade Fanatics! Have a great weekend.

Mr. Sopel and Oprah meeting in Montreal!

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Pretty impressive, eh?

Look at the little birdy