The Winter Greens

There are the Winter Blues, but have you ever heard about the Winter Greens? Today Jade Fanatics I want to talk about the happy side of winter, being the Winter Greens. You’re already thinking: oh goodness, what is this all about? I’ve never heard of such an outrageous feeling! Well, maybe you are right and […]

An Infographic About the History of Jade.

This cool infographic gives an excellent explanation of some of Jade’s rich history. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Ghost Story Time!

Alright Jade Fanatics, gather round the fire as I tell you a ghastly tale about the Jade Store ghost. That’s right, we have a ghost, and thank goodness he’s friendly or else I wouldn’t be here today. As you may know, Victoria is known for having a super haunted past, with many unexplained landmarks and […]