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Wanting to buy a bangle but unsure which size is right for you? Look no further, because with these easy steps, we’ll make it possible to find the perfect bangle size just for you.

This is: The Jade Store’s Bangle Sizing Guide.

We have a few different methods to find out an ideal bangle size using various tools or household items. When figuring out which bangle size is correct, you must keep in mind getting the bangle over your hand is the key factor. In fact, it’s not wrist size, but hand size that matters.

We here at the Jade Store recommend doing at least 2/3 of these methods before purchasing one of our bangles.  

String Measurement Method

For the string measurement method, start with taking a loose piece of string and looping it around the biggest part of your hand. Try to make your hand as small as possible by holding your thumb and your pinky finger together, tightly wrapping the string around your hand.

If you want to be able to remove the bangle after wearing it, don’t hold the string too tightly. Make sure you have some leeway.

Mark where the string meets either with your fingers or a pen (for accuracy) to keep track of the circumference of your hand.

Very carefully remove the string from your hand and lay it flat over a ruler, measuring the length of the string.

Using the approximate length of the string, use the following guide to determine which size would be ideal for you.

 (Approximate) String Length Recommended Bangle Size
160mm 51mm
165mm 52 to 53mm
170mm 54 to 55mm
175mm 56mm
180mm 57mm
185mm 58 to 59mm
190mm 59 to 60mm
200mm 61 to 63mm
205mm 65mm
210mm 66 to 67mm
220mm 70mm



Dot Method

Next is what we call the Dot Method. Start with your fist clenched, whitening your knuckles. Feel to where the middle of your knuckle is and draw a dot in the middle of your pinky knuckle

After drawing your first dot, mark another one on the center of your index finger knuckle.

Using either a ruler or a fabric tape measure, lay your hand flat and relaxed and measure the distance of the two dots.

The distance between the two dots determines what bangle size you should wear. For example if the distance from either dots measures at approximately 60mm (6cm or 2.3 inches) you should wear a 60mm bangle.

Using a Bangle That You Already Have

If you already own a bangle that you like the size of, another method is to simply measure that bangle.

Bangle sizes are based off the inside diameter, so for this method, simply take out a ruler and measure from one point directly across to another point within the inside of the bangle. However many millimeters it measures is the size for you.

In this photo, you can see the bangle measures to about 51mm.

If you happen to have a digital caliper, we highly recommend you use it. This method is probably the most accurate way to measure the diameter of a bangle. Following the picture, all you have to do is measure the length of one side to the other within the inside of the bangle. Make sure you have your unit of measurement set to millimeters (mm).

 What to do if the bangle barely fits:

Sometimes a bangle doesn’t quite fit over your hand, but is within feasible range to fit.  If you want the bangle to be worn ‘for life’, here’s a few tricks we have to aid bangle fitting. As a reminder, the bangle may not come off (easily) once put on using these methods.

Warning: your hand might hurt a little in the process. However, if your hand is in too much pain when using one of these methods, don’t exert yourself, it is possible that the bangle simply will not fit.


Plastic Bag Method

For this method, pull a plastic bag over your hand like a glove. Attempt to put the bangle on as you normally would. The bangle should slide over easier due to the bag having less friction than your skin.

Remember, don’t force what can’t be done. If after trying this method you cannot fit the bangle, we recommend a bigger size.

 Lotion Method

You can use lotion or any other sort of skin lubricant for this method. Simply apply to your hand and wrist without fully rubbing in all of the lotion and attempt to put on the bangle as your normally would.

Again, don’t force what can’t be done. If after trying this method you cannot fit the bangle, we recommend a bigger size.

The Bangle Fits! What’s next?

Great! Now you have to check if the bangle is too big or not. If you want the bangle to be larger so you can easily remove it, you can skip this step.

You can run a visual check to make sure the bangle is not too loose. If your wrist and your hand are close in size, bangles can slip over easily and fit perfectly. If the bangle slips over easily but fits really loosely on your wrist, your bangle may be too big. A few millimeters can make a big difference.

Too Big

Once you have your bangle on, hold your arm down, letting the bangle sit freely on your hand. If you find the bangle sinking down reaching your palm, your bangle may be too big for you. If you pinch your thumb and pinky together and the bangle sinks to the palm of your hand, it also may be too big.

 Perfect Fit!

If the bangle sits nicely above your hand, you have a perfect fit! The bangle shouldn’t fall down to your hand, resting nicely on the thinnest part of your wrist.

That concludes our bangle sizing guide!

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