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Ring Sizing Guide

Welcome to Jadestore.com’s very own Ring Sizing Guide!
We’ve done the research for you and put together a one-stop guide for determining the perfect ring size.

When measuring your ring size, first consider your environment. For example, how is the weather? Hot and humid temperatures can cause our bodies to swell, making our fingers slightly bigger than usual. That being said, cold weather can make your fingers “skinnier” making rings more prone to seem looser than usual. A ring that fits is one that isn’t too tight, one that you could potentially take off with some persuasion, and most importantly one that is comfortable. Hopefully with this guide you find a ring that most suits a perfect fit.

Method 1: The String Method

All you need for this is a string and your desired finger. For this method we recommend a sewing thread for it is very thin, giving more accurate results.

Simply wrap the thread around your finger without pulling on the thread to tightly. You should see no signs of applied pressure on your finger. Make sure the thread isn’t loose either. You want to try your best to have the thread follow the exact circumference of your finger.

Once you have the thread wrapped around in its ideal position, take either a marker or some scissors and draw or cut the area where the 2 ends meet. Either with our size guide (Thanks to Overstock Silver) or with a ruler at home, take your string and measure how long it is. The ring sizes of your corresponding length is listed in the picture attached.


Method 2: Using a Ring you Already Own

This method is probably one of the easiest ones you can do. All you need is a ring that you already own (that fits of course!). Use our sizing guide (Thanks to Bling Jewelry) and either hold up the ring to the screen* or lay it against a ruler to measure the diameter. Make sure you’re measuring the inside diameter of the ring. Lastly, compare your measurement to the guide below to find your ideal size ring.

*Moblie users may want to go with measuring with a ruler rather than the screen due to size accuracy.


Method 3: Contact Your Local Jewelry Store

If you happen to have a jeweler or any sort of jewelry store in your home town, you are in luck! Most if not all jewelers will have one of these ring sizers, especially if they carry rings.

Simply ask them if they can size your fingers. Chances are it’s free and is probably the best way to find out your proper ring size. Jewelers are the experts in all things jewelry!


That concludes our ring sizing guide!

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