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Jade Charm - Owl

SKU: HNW-057-17MM

$19.95 $24.95
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Jade Charm - Owl

An owl charm carved from a single piece of BC Jade, approximately 17mm tall.

Throughout different ancient cultures, owls have been a symbol for wisdom and magic. Owls have also been known to represent femininity, fertility, relating to the moon’s cycles of renewal. Due to owls being a nocturnal animal, they are observant when others are resting, making them the protectors of the night.

All of our charms come with a small stainless steel split ring attached, either silver coloured or gold plated.  We try to keep both in stock, but often are sold out of one or the other.  Please indicate in your order notes if you have a preference, or email to confirm availability before purchase.  The colour ring pictured does not necessarily reflect current availability.

Currently this charm is only available with a gold coloured bail, as shown.

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Jade Product Disclaimer

Please note that all Jade products contain naturally occuring imperfections/inclusions that are typical of Jade Nephrite.

As many of our pieces are hand carved each piece will vary slightly in appearance.