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Jade Foo Dog with Treasure


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Jade Foo Dog with Treasure

Carved from a single piece of dark Australian Jade, this Foo Dog measures 7.5cm x 2cm x 3.5cm.  He guards a pearl-shaped treasure between his paws.

In Chinese folklore, the Foo Dog is one of the Dragon's sons. Each dragon son represents something different. Foo Dog is known for swallowing money and precious treasures, with the lack of a backside, keeping all the fortune within himself.  He is said to bring wealth and prosperity to his owner.

Black Jade is heavily associated with deflecting negative energy and protection from dark entities.  Black Australian Jade is chemically the same stone as our Canadian Jade, but with a higher iron content making it appear much darker.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Jade Product Disclaimer

Please note that all Jade products contain naturally occuring imperfections/inclusions that are typical of Jade Nephrite.

As many of our pieces are hand carved each piece will vary slightly in appearance.