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Jade Buddha Happy Giant Statue



Jade Buddha Happy Giant Statue

A traditional statue of the laughing Buddha hand-carved from solid BC Jade.  Our largest Buddha statue, this measures approximately 21" tall, 30" wide, and 19" deep.  It weights approximately 220kg.  This Buddha was carved from a solid boulder of Jade, found in a glacial deposit.  The Buddha represents the highest ranking deity in Buddhism. Having one in your home is a reminder to be good and do good to others.

Hotei, or the Laughing Buddha, is a cheerful contented Buddhist monk.  Hotei derived his beginnings from a mix of Buddhist and Sinto religions and can be traced back to the time of the Liang Dynasty in China.  The image of Hotei is sometimes seen carrying a cloth or linen sack.  This sack is filled with many precious items, including candy for children, food, or the woes of the world.  The large, fat belly is the symbol of happiness, luck, and generosity.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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Jade Product Disclaimer

Please note that all Jade products contain naturally occuring imperfections/inclusions that are typical of Jade Nephrite.

As many of our pieces are hand carved each piece will vary slightly in appearance.