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Jade Large Disk Carving

SKU: HNW-3512-2400


Jade Large Disk Carving

A solid piece of BC Jade carved into a large disk with a 24" diameter. The Jade is cut to 3/8 inch thick.  The entire surface on both sides is polished to a reflective finish.

Like all of our pieces, this Jade has not been dyed or colour-treated.  The unique inclusions and swirls of colour tell a story from when this piece of stone formed deep within the earth.

Similar in shape to the donut like disc, the "pi" of ancient China, which symbolized the after life, serving as a conduit between heaven and earth. Since Jade was considered as the stone of heaven, the pi acted as a way to channel God, being able to see and speak directly to God.

Comes standing in a wooden base and with a certificate of authenticity.

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Jade Product Disclaimer

Please note that all Jade products contain naturally occuring imperfections/inclusions that are typical of Jade Nephrite.

As many of our pieces are hand carved each piece will vary slightly in appearance.