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Jade Pendant - Loon



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Jade Pendant - Loon

Authentic Canadian Jade carved into the shape of a loon, on an adjustable cord.  Hand carved from natural stone, these each vary a little from one another.  Approximately 2.5" long and 1.25" tall.

A well-loved bird throughout Canada, the loon is a solitary bird of the wilderness.  Loons symbolize tranquility, serenity, and the reawakening of old hopes, wishes and dreams.  The $1 Canadian coin is nicknamed "loonie" because of the image of the loon depicted on the back.

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Jade Product Disclaimer

Please note that all Jade products contain naturally occuring imperfections/inclusions that are typical of Jade Nephrite.

As many of our pieces are hand carved each piece will vary slightly in appearance.