Okay Jade Fanatics, get ready to see the cutest owl you’ve ever seen in your life…

“Hoo… HOO! Hoo are Yoo!?”

Meet Crazy Hoots, the lovable owl who needs a home ASAP! He may look a little kooky but trust me he adds the most lovely character to your home. He arrived to our store via a shipment from Alaska and we have seriously fallen in love. In fact we’re even fighting for who gets to keep him.

The quality is something I really REALLY want to point out. This guy is pure A grade jade at least, he’s bright and translucent with a magnificent shine on him.

“Call me Crazy Hoots!”

Yes, we even gave him a nickname due to his popularity. Crazy Hoots is his nickname and we are just so happy to have him in our store. He loves to hide around and brighten our day every time we see him.

If you too are in love like we are, then Jade Fanatics, I recommend you click right here and give him a home! He is just way too cute to miss out on! Just look at him!

Have I not convinced you yet? Look at this adorable pose!

If you didn’t know already, Jade in higher quality and bigger chunks is much rarer to find these days. It’s part of the reason why all of our jewelry is in the A grade range. Nicer quality pieces are much easier to find in small quantities. Which means! Crazy Hoots is a rarity. Let him flap his little wings into your heart today.