Look at that folks, the Kentucky Derby trophies…. don’t they look awesome!? Wait a second… what’s that? That green stone? Oh you mean that JADE base!?

That’s right Jade Fanatics. This week we’re gonna talk about these here Kentucky Derby trophies and how they’ve come to use awesome nephrite as a part of one of America’s most precious, coined “priceless”, trophies.

The Kentucky Derby trophy is actually one of the most expensive trophies in the world. It’s the only trophy in America (that’s still been awarded annually) that’s made from SOLID GOLD! I wish I was joking. According to good ol’ wikipedia, the material value alone is $90,000 (in 2008). That’s a lot of money! Wikipedia also says it takes around 2000 hours to complete a trophy. That’s ridiculous! But you know, a lot of our jade pieces, the real fancy ones anyway, some can take up to over a year to complete. Those pieces are made from regular, day-to-day, professional Jade carvers too!

This trophy was actually brought to our attention by our #1 Jade Fanatic Kim! Shoutout to you! Here’s what she said:

“The Kentucky Derby has been using jade for some of their trophies for over 90 years. They originally had German carvers making the bases, but we were approached by an American in 2011 for rough jade who had been commissioned to make a base.  Tom Finneran, a very talented jade sculpture who we know from the US, has just been asked to produce bases for their trophies. Worth googling Tom.”

So we did google Tom! He has a really awesome website called Jade Fiend with a lot of cool stuff using Jade from all over the world! He’s based out of Colorado, so if you happen to either live there or drop by, try to find him or his works!

So that’s all for now Jade Fanatics! The next Kentucky Derby runs tomorrow, May 5th, so be sure to tune in and check out the Jade trophy!